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6 Creative Hiring Strategies to Get Ahead for Q1

Finding really great employees is a proactive process. It should not be a reactive emergency.  Here are six strategies you should consider implementing to prepare for Q1 next year and stay ahead of the talent search.



5 reasons why the holiday party season is the “most wonderful time of year” to network

5 Reasons Why the Holiday Party Season is the “Most Wonderful Time of Year” to Network

Every gathering and holiday errand is an opportunity to make a new friend or professional connection. Read why this time of year is perfect for making new connections.






Talentbuild offers headhunting service with a twist

The News Journal’s Scott Goss talks with Kevin Cameron about Talentbuild. Talentbuild matches execs not looking for a job with companies not actively hiring.





Launch of Exclusive Search Connections Executive Search Firm

Kevin Cameron, most recently Director of Client Services at a regional human capital firm, today announced the launch of a new executive search firm, Exclusive Search Connections.