Companies are challenged to retain their best people and ensure they constantly develop the people they need for tomorrow. What is often missing is the evaluation of external talent to have an accurate grasp of just how strong their talent pool is.

To address this need, Exclusive Search Connections has introduced TalentBuild℠. We use this proprietary service to provide an efficient and cost-effective strategy to clients who are focused on succession planning and understanding internal and external talent. With TalentBuild, our clients can ensure they have the very best people in the right place at the right time.

About TalentBuild

TalentBuild allows us to identify and connect you with top talent to develop a pipeline that will help you achieve future organizational goals. We will work closely with your team to identify targeted areas of your organization and align these areas with external talent to provide a true evaluation of your internal talent map.

People are the most important part of your organization, and it’s often difficult to drive success while continuing to manage an ongoing professional network. With TalentBuild, you can ensure that the network you select today will drive the success of tomorrow.

How we do it

  • To most effectively expand your network, we must become an extension of your organization. We execute a non-disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality, which allows us to have very detailed talent conversations.
  • We  work with you to completely understand your talent strategy and goals over a 6 month period.
  • We manage a network mapping session with your team to understand the types of talent that interest you based on corporate goals and direction.
  • We provide a selection of candidates that can be invited for a conversation. We include profiles and non-disclosures in a single area of expertise or in multiple disciplines.
  • Based on how the conversation evolves, you may choose to continue to pursue a particular candidate or simply elect to keep connected for future consideration.

What our clients say about TalentBuild

As an HR executive in technology, things move quickly. It is the same with talent, whether it is in the technology space or not. It is the responsibility and accountability of me and my team to know the best talent, inside and outside of our company. Investing time in networking with, and assessing external talent, is critical to knowing who the “best” talent is outside of our company. However, time and other commitments always compete with our ability to execute on these critical activities. With the TalentBuild service, I have a partner who knows my business, knows our objectives and our focus areas for talent who has the network, does the research and the assessment. This allows me to focus on spending quality time with the right and select few who can make a difference at our company now or in the future.

– CHRO, Technology Firm


As a senior HR leader, I am charged with knowing the most talented and best suited individuals for my organization and its culture. I am ultimately responsible not only for the quality of the talent we hire, but for the ones we let get away – or worse, the game changers we never even knew existed. Using TalentBuild allows me to focus on key roles within the organization and ensure my leadership team that we have the best of the best or if not, that we know who they are and what it will take to hire them. It’s invaluable.

– VP HR, Professional Services Firm