Outplacement is all about helping your former employees exit your company and transition right into their next job position. If done right, there are no hard feelings, and goodwill on both sides of the desk.

Why does your organization need outplacement services? According to SHRM, this service helps “protect the company’s reputation, prevent potential lawsuits and lessen an employer’s unemployment insurance taxes.”

For over 10 years, the Exclusive Search Connections Team has provided these services to some of the region’s largest employers.

Our Services Are Designed To:

  • Protect your brand
  • Minimize legislation exposure
  • Help your employees focus on their next opportunity
  • Provide the tools or employees to find new opportunities

How It Works:

  • We start with data. That means we provide a view of their industries and similar ones to identify opportunities.
  • We support the employee. We educate your former employee on how to find new opportunities and best practices for the job search.
  • We are available and connected. Through our wide network, we can facilitate introductions from other organizations via our internal outplacement network.

The focus of outplacement has changed, today we are working with employees who are interested in these services, and quite honestly — they depend on them in today’s economy. Our team helps your former employees explore new job opportunities, helps them find a new role (or new industry), and launches them into a new chapter of their life.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning can take many shapes, but often it involves helping our former employees find what’s next for them. That may be a leadership role with a nonprofit, or the first opportunity to explore hobbies and interests on a larger level. With our retirement planning, we provide connections to all of these opportunities so the last day is truly the first day.

Career Transition
After working at your organization, a team member may discover strengths and weaknesses that are better suited for a completely different industry. This can happen to employees who are fresh out of college or those who have been with your organization for years. Our team has helped many individuals transition to new industries. We will facilitate their exit from your company and their entry into a brand new adventure.