7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients and Colleagues

7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients and Colleagues

Do you find yourself at a loss searching for unique and beautiful presents to give to your clients or colleagues this year? Indeed, it has been a challenging year. All the more reason to nail this year’s holiday gifts. Here are several ideas for the people in your life you want to bless this year.


Sugarwish is a sweet treat. All you need is the email or phone number of the person you want to give a gift to. Sugarwish sends them a link where they get to choose a sweet treat from a selection of candy, popcorn, cookies, nut, etc. The gift arrives a few days later in gorgeous packaging. Anyone receiving this gift will love it, especially those with a sweet tooth!

Divvy Up

Do you know someone who absolutely adores their dog? Or is especially fond of their cat? We all do. Give a memorable gift that will be sure to make them say, “Awe.” Divvy socks are customizable, and they are ADORABLE! All you do is upload a picture of the pet, choose the size and color, and boom! They are sure to be a hit!

Lula’s Garden

For the plant lover in your life, give the gift of beautiful succulents in a box. Lula’s Garden hand plants succulents as soon as you order them, delivering fresh plants in beautiful packaging. You can customize the size of the succulents and the style of the planter boxes.


If you are hoping to send something very personal, Greetabl is the way to go. First, you select the packaging and choose a gift. Then you can add personalization every step of the way by writing a personal message directly on the packaging and even uploading photos that will be incorporated into the overall design.


When you give the gift of Surgarfina, you can send a bento box of treats! Choose from a variety of packaging of all shapes, sizes, and candies. This is another one for the people on your list to have a sweet tooth.

Sincerely Ink Cards

Download the Ink Cards App to your smartphone and create a beautiful customized card with a personalized message in a matter of minutes. You can upload photos from your smartphone to one of their thousands of templates. You can ship it like a postcard or put it in a matching envelope. This gift is perfect for sending cards to people you’ve taken a selfie with. Imagine their surprise when they see their own face with you on a custom postcard!


This past year’s lockdown forced many of us to stay home, where we developed new hobbies and passions. Do you know someone who loves to cook? Perhaps someone who loves to play the piano, or is an aspiring photographer. Give the gift of online education through Master Class. Master Class features world-renowned professionals such as Chef Gordon Ramsay, musical artist Alicia Keys, film director Martin Scorsese, and more. The experts teach classes where they share their “stories, skills, shortcuts, failures, and successes” in their respective fields.

Be sure to place your orders as soon as possible, and be aware of shipping deadlines. Get ahead so your gifts will arrive on time! We hope you enjoy the holiday season and find happiness in gift-giving this year!

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